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Oakland Park Electrician is “D” Electrician your one-stop shop Electrician, State Licensed and Insured Electrician serving South Florida since 2001 with over 30 years of experience and knowledge. We are a Family Owned and Operated Electrical Contractor providing our services with trained professional Electricians.

Should need an Electrician for your Oakland Park  Home or Business, Call “D” Electrician. Call and talk to a trained Licensed Electrician now. Our expert troubleshooting Electricians are trained to find and repair all electrical problems,  including shorts and lost power. Your Oakland Park  Electrician provides 24-hour emergency service seven days per week.

Oakland Park ElectricianCall “D” Electrician for a free job quote on your next home or business remodel. We provide affordable and reliable professional service. We have the tools and skills to complete your next home or business electrical task no job too small or large we do it all.

Our Electricians are Pros when it comes to changing out your electrical panel we offer 100% guaranty on all new Electrical Panel installations. Our team is all licensed and trained. We permit our jobs, No Hidden Fees call for a quote today! 954-726-0394.

Benjamin Franklin was a scientist and a Statesman that made much electrical discovery, he thought there were two kinds of electrical fluid and he called Positive and Negative which is still used today, the behavior of electricity was not understood until the early 1900s.

Electricity can be thought of as the flow of negative electrical charges. Electrical pressure exists between two points in an electrical circuit when one point has more electrons than the other point. Call “D” Electrician Technical SZervices Inc today 954-726-0394.