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Home Inspection

Home Inspection/ Wind Mitigation

When it comes to home inspection you need an experienced and knowledgeable home inspector, “D” Electrician can provide you with just that.

We offer excellent service, our accurate information on your home inspection report, will greatly assist you to make an informed decision on all your real estate transactions.

“D” Electrician Home Inspection is done with quality workmanship. We make sure you are valuable customers to understand everything about the property.

We are always here for you to make sure you are confident in your decision, especially when it comes to a first time home buyer as well as an experienced seller.

When selling your property we know you want to eliminate any problem that can delay or lose a sale, so you need a professional to inspect your property.

Let  ā€œDā€ Electrician perform a complete detailed inspection for you, call us to protect you and your investment let us evaluate and inspect your entire home today.

  • Four Point InspectionElectricity & Air Condition
  • Roof, Plumbing
  • Electricity & Air Condition
  • Wind Mitigation,
  • windstorm resistance.
  • Comprehensive inspection-Foundation,
  • masonry, structural, Deck, flashing, window, doors, Roof Appliances. Before you buy any real estate property call us, we will assist you to make an informed decision.

ā€œDā€ Electrician is your local South Florida complete home inspection company. From new construction, existing homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

Four Point inspection  Roof, Plumbing, Electrical Panel, Air Condition, Complete Comprehensive Inspection –Foundation – Structural Component- Roofing– Flashing- Decking- Asphalt -Plywood – Drip Edge –Plumbing -Sewers & Drain- Faucets- Hot and Cold Water Main-Hot Water- Sprinklers- Whirlpool Tubs- Electricity- Panel- Main Feeder-Voltage -Amperage    stairs,Furnace, Outlets, Receptacles and fixtures, water heater driveway, walkway, gutter, doors, windows trim -wood decks -patio- structural integrity – drainage – appliance- microwave- dishwasher- garbage disposals. Wind MitigationWind Mitigation