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Electrical Zinsco Panel

Electrical Zinsco Panel FL

Electrical zinsco panel was halted in the mid 1970’s. zinsco panel made in that time can not received today’s UL listing, because they  have two major faults that could pose danger, they would not pass today’s codes and they are not up to today’s safety standards. Electrical Zinsco Panel was once extremely popular and installed in many homes throughout North America. It is Important that you are aware of Electrical Zinsco Panel problems. The breaker panel, is one of the most  important electrical system in your home. The breaker panel  receives and distributes electricity and also protects from power surge and other hazards. Electrical zinsco Panel Electrical Zinsco Panel have significant flaws such as the bus bar corrode easily, the connection between bus bar and the breaker is often not solid. Some components of the panel contain aluminum and the breaker can seems as it is off, yet internally the panel is still conducting power. If you think you may have an electrical zinsco panel or outdated circuit breaker in your home,  call “D” Electrician we are here with 24 hour emergency service seven days per week. “D” Electrician company is licensed and insured electrical contractor with many years of experience and knowledge in all area of your electrical needs.