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Ballast Replacement

Ballast Replacement

Ballast Replacement for all your  lighting fixture. A lighting fixture requires a ballast to send electricity to the bulb,the ballast provide enough voltage to start the bulbs once they are started it quickly lower the current to produce enough electricity to produce a steady light flow.


ballast replacement

T8 & T12 Ballast

Ballast: there are many type of ballast. these include: fluorescent ballast, metal halide ballast, pulse start ballast,high pressure sodium ballast and more. Ballast is a device intended to limit the amount of current in an electric circuit. They can go bad without a warning so you just have to be ready to deal with it when that time comes.
ballast Replacement

“D” Electrician is your number one choice for all your ballast replacement. There are two categories of ballasts; magnetic and electronic. Magnetic Ballast are the most basic type and operate bulbs through a core and coil. We offer 24 hour emergency service seven days per week, call us today and save at 954-726-0394. We are your lighting maintenance Electrical Contractor.

Bulb: There are many type of bulbs. These includes compact fluorescent bulb,halogen bulb, parbulb, flood bulbs, spot bulb, led non dimmer bulbs, and so much more. Brands such as; GE, Philips and more. It is always a good idea to get a energy saving bulb.