Flow Of Electricity

Flow Of Electricity is electrical pressure is build up in what is called a Power Source.The power source uses chemical energy to force electrons from one side to the other then electricity can flow from the terminal that has extra electrons to the terminal that has fewer electrons.

Electrical Power provides an understanding of the principles of operation of motors, generators, transformers and motor control- the fundamentals and practical applications.

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Flow of electricity

Electrical Shock there is no way to tell if an electrical terminal is live,you should always test it using proper equipment. Electricity affect the body in two ways, it contracts muscles and it overrides impulses from the brain

There are two main types of three phase motor (1) Induction (2) Synchronous Induction motors may have either a squirrel cage rotor or a wound rotor. The squirrel cage motor is by far the most popular.


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Electricity is and unknown agent only known by the effect it produce and the many ways in which it manifest itself. It is strongly recommended that you hire a component, experience and licensed electrical contractor. Having a electrical contractor is always a great idea because tempting to do the electrical  work your self can be very dangerous.

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